Irreversible roadmap torn up

He said 21st June. Now he’s saying 19th July. Why does anyone believe him?

"The roadmap was always cautious but irreversible, and in order to have an irreversible roadmap, we've got to be cautious."

Boris Johnson, 2021.


We will get out of lockdown by remaining in lockdown.

There is nothing in the data (zilch, zip, nada) that justifies keeping any restrictions in place and suggesting that - if they were all removed on the 21st June - there would be 500 deaths a day is so insulting to the intelligence of anyone who goes to the trouble of reading said data with their own two eyes I will quote it if you have not.

(This is from my latest Mail+ column:)

‘When SAGE agreed that all restrictions should end on ‘Freedom Day’, it drew up five scenarios. The number of Covid patients in hospital is half the number projected in even the group’s most optimistic forecast. According to the Office for National Statistics, more than 90 per cent of over-65s have antibodies, rising to 96.2 per cent of over-80s – while nearly 100 per cent of over-50s have been vaccinated. This is the group accounting for 99 per cent of deaths linked to the virus to date. You might think the Prime Minister would feel a social responsibility to explain this to the British public, and thank them for being so unbelievably compliant in doing everything they’ve been told to for so long...’

What is most extraordinary - considering we are living in a democracy and the Prime Minister is supposed to derive all his power from us through parliament - is that our elected representatives haven’t debated any of this, much less voted on it, and the Speaker of the House of Commons rose this evening to point out:

‘I was told no decisions will be taken until the cabinet meets - I am being misled, this House is being misled - it is not acceptable and I would welcome them coming here before they make a press statement.’

I appreciate a lot of you who read this think I’m nuts and must calm down, and you’re quite right I feel nuts and must calm down, but what I do not understand is why no one else is feeling nuts and needing to calm down.

What was the point of vaccinating everyone if it was not to end lockdown? They now seem to be seeking to prove that people aren’t dying because we’re in lockdown, and they will start dying if we are not in lockdown, and therefore their entire (highly successful vaccination programme) was totally useless.

Weddings are saved because Tories in the shires do like to see their granddaughters married and are to be made Covid-safe by means of the following dictats:

More than 30 people, subject to the venue's social distancing capacity.
The couple's first dance
Speeches - preferably outside or using a PA system so no shouting is needed
Cutting the cake
Guest books and photo booths
Dancing indoors
Stand-up receptions at either indoor or outdoor venues
Not recommended:
Dancing outside
Singing, including hymns
Cash donations
Shared orders of service

That any of this is reported as news rather than the most ludicrous propaganda campaign yet launched in the 21st century shames the journalists forced to report it.

If restrictions do not lift now, why would they lift in six weeks? A third wave will not come in the middle of bloody summer - it goes against sense never mind ‘the science’ to state that it will. But make no mistake, cold and flu season is coming and there will be death. If Johnson’s roadmap proves irreversible it’ll be because there is no end to it.