You can’t always get what you want

But Hell wants to know what you need

One of the reasons Hell loves the Queen so much (even though her views on royalty are downright Cromwellian) is because she respects her ‘never complain, never explain’ mantra and seeks to emulate it. You could waterboard her Maj and she wouldn’t say a damn word.

So Hell’s not going to go into it but she is thinking of quitting / reworking this newsletter because she’s experiencing strife behind the scenes with the payments system used by Substack.

(They’re called Stripe and they SUCK and she hates them. There. That wasn’t very queenly was it?)

If she removes the paid tier, most of this will - poof - like a miracle, disappear.

So she proposes she does that - those of you who are monthly sign ups would no longer be charged, and she will continue to write that newsletter for those who paid upfront until the subscription ends (that means everything that’s published - no matter where it is, any updates on the fiction front in the run-up to publication, plus anything that was commissioned and spiked.)

And - jazz hands for all the free contingent - Hell can stop bombarding you with the new Mail+ column and send a single email at weekends including links to everything Hill has published which you can go off and read if interested. The column appears (touchwood before it bursts into flames) to be taking off, and if you want to keep in constant contact you can always follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Please write back if you think this is a good plan, a bad plan, an ugly plan; you want her to write about something, you want her to stop writing about something; you’re afraid lockdown has sent her demented, you’re afraid lockdown hasn’t sent her nearly demented enough; you’d like to come to her bubbles and burn party, you’re concerned setting face masks alight in a one bedroom flat is dangerous and insist she returns the fire pit to Amazon; etc., etc.

Writers do not exist without readers. Hell thanks God you exist.